Contributing Code

You want to contribute code? Great! Here’s how you can do it.

Finding tickets

Our tickets are all stored in our bugzilla installation; you can browse the tickets by component, or check out this summary of all open tickets.

Claiming tickets

If you don’t see a ticket, feel free to open one! Any ticket that is assigned to is free to claim without asking, simply by assigning it to yourself. If a ticket is already claimed, but seems inactive, contact the assignee and see if it’s all right for you to claim it. (Relatedly, if you don’t actually have time to work on a ticket, don’t claim it!)

Submitting code

We accept code submissions as pull requests to our github repository, not as patch files, diff files, or anything else. Most of the time, when you submit code, it will be as a ticket branch - though if the change is extremely minor, you can submit a pull request without opening a ticket first. Pull requests must include any changes to unit tests and documentation that are needed.

Before we can accept your code submission, you will need to sign a Contributor Assignment Agreement, digitize it with a scanner or a good camera, and send it to It’s super easy, and it lets us keep the project open source.

Review process

After the pull request is made, a core contributor to the Miro Community project will review the code; they will either accept the pull request or point out where changes need to be made to get the branch ready for acceptance.